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Velkommen til Votton

Votton er et konsuletselskap som hjelper bedrifter med å nå ut til sine kunder.  Vi bistår deg med å visualisere ditt budskap gjennom film og foto, oppsett samt drift av netttside og annonsering med interessant innhold. Det vi liker å kalle markedsføring fra A til Å. 

Vi er også der for deg som  privatperson med film og foto. 

Markedsføring fra a til å

Fortell oss om din idé, visjon og/ eller misjon, så ordner vi resten!

Ta en titt på et våre prosjekter


Arkitektene Maksimilian og Hania fra firmaet Inainn kontaktet Votton AS for hjelp med å redesigne en veldig kjent high -end motebutikk i Ålesund, Norge. Hele prosessen ble dokumentert – alt fra selve byggearbeidet til tankene, ideene og visjonen bak det de ønsket å gjøre. Vi ønsket å dokumentere det på en abstrakt og vakker måte. Å fortelle historien sin gjennom det visuelle landskapet som var i tråd med deres visjon.

Kontakt oss i dag for en uforpliktende samtale – så ser vi hva vi kan få til sammen! 


Yes, people want it personal…but i think the time of getting B-roll footage of a person walking to a cafe, and slo-mo portrait shot (all though I love slo mo portrait shot) can get a bit boring for the everyday person. We wanted to make something that almost forces you to watch the whole thing. So we came up with an idea using the “hyperlapse effect”, but we did not want to make it “clean and smooth”. We wanted to give it a more rough and analog feeling with the intention of making it more “human” and authentic. The campaign with the three films did very well considering the following they had and got a high reach. It was super fun to do and they were all so patient and fun to work with.


In November, the architects Maksimilian and Hania from their company Inainn contacted Votton AS regarding a project they were working on. They were going to redesign a very well known high end fashion botuique located in Ålesund, Norway. They wanted us to document that whole process. Everything from the construction work itself to their thoughts, ideas and vision behind what they wanted to do. It was a very good collaboration where they gave me a lot of creative freedom. Dream client. We wanted to document it in an abstract and beautiful way. To tell their story through the visual landscacpe that was aligned with their vision. We believe we managed to do that and was a super exciting project to work on. It is also always nice to be around other creative people and learn more about how they think and work.


Product photo, film and web store was made by us for Fager Hud. Using our own studio, the photos and films were created with a great deal of creative liberty. Check out fagerhud.no to see the webstore. 

V x N

This project has given us a lot of content from the west coast of Norway. This firm is one of the leading companies on the North Western coast of Norway regarding roof construction. The beautiful town of Ålesund is not a difficult task to document because of the buildings’ architectural style and looks. The style is called Art Nouveau and the town is located right between amazing fjords and mountains, giving us a fine opportunity to take shots from above and document this beautiful city. Check out bvg.no to see the webstore.